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Dr hab. Tomasz Rakowski zaprasza na wykład, który wygłosi w Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Institute for Human Sciences) w ramach Józef Tischner Visiting Fellowship.

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The Stage of Pre-solidarity. Affective Work in Poland Since Late Socialism in the Light of an Experimental Ethnographic Methodology

Monday, 16 November 2020, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

My experimental study may reveal elements of recent Polish social history omitted in local knowledge-production. I will focus on enthusiastic building, social deeds, vernacular creativity, and various stages of pre-solidarity in Poland since late socialism. I will discuss the flipside of late socialist modernization in Poland, and its trajectory after 1989, considered as both intimate, unrecognized dimensions of bottom-up statehood practices, and processes of acquiring a kind of latent, almost invisible social and political subjectivity. An experimental, historical-ethnographic methodology may unearth elements of Polish social history kept secret for decades. The study is conducted in the context of the “people’s history”, yet more precise, and based on specially elaborated methodology.