Gender Wars: The role of global networks and actors in Latin American and Eastern Europe

Nagranie z wydarzenia w ramach projektu Gender Wars z 29 listopada 2023.

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Panellists: Roman Kuhar (University of Ljubljana), Dorottya Szikra (Central European University), Dorettya Redai (Central European University/Labrisz Leszbikus Egyesület) and Hadley Renkin (Central European University).

This event is part of the AHRC-funded research network Gender Wars: East and South, which brings together an interdisciplinary network of scholars and artists of gender and sexuality across Latin America and Central Eastern Europe to examine the link between history, religion, sexuality, and gender under contemporary authoritarianisms. Gender Wars: East and South aims to document the similarities, differences, and connections between “anti-gender” movements across the two regions. More on: