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Zapraszamy do oglądania nagrania seminarium z udziałem Vlada Naumescu, które odbyło się 21.12.2016.

Date of publication: 23-08-2017
plakat filmu

The Site: Building Resistance [It.: Il Cantiere: Costruire la Resistenza] is a feature-length ethnographic documentary about the No TAV movement in Val di Susa, in the Italian Alps. The movement fights against the planned construction of a high-speed railway from Lyon (France) to Turin (Italy), which would run through the valley.

Date of publication: 08-11-2016
Kadr z nagrania seminariumz udziałem Marcela Reyesa-Corteza

Lecture by Marcel Reyes-Cortez, 15.06.2015.

Date of publication: 10-10-2016
Kadr z wywiadu z dr Mateuszem Laszczkowskim

Short interview about the new article by Mateusz Laszczkowski: "Scraps, Neighbors, and Committees: Material Things, Place-Making, and the State in an Astana Apartment Bloc",  City & Society, Vol. 27, Issue 2.

Date of publication: 10-10-2016
Kadr z nagrania seminarium z udziałem Martina Holbraada
Date of publication: 10-10-2016